National Scavenger Hunt Day

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

It’s National Scavenger Hunt Day! Using only our website,, see if you can find the answers to the questions below. NO GOOGLING!

1. Located in North Carolina’s first town, this is the home Gov. Tryon stayed in when he came to visit in December 1764.

2. The first governor of North Carolina was appointed at this historic site in Eastern NC.

3. Inside the NC State Capitol, she became the first woman to serve in North Carolina’s Senate.

4. The House in the Horseshoe was built in 1772 by ___.

5. At Town Creek Indian Mound, archaeologists have uncovered evidence of this regional expression of South Appalachian Mississippian culture.

6. A statue stands in front of the NC Museum of History of this legendary artifact collector.

7. An albino alligator calls the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher home, What is the alligator’s name?

8. Now a State Park, the fort that bears his name was garrisoned by this US Senator is 1834.

9. During the Revolutionary War, a skirmish was fought at _____, an area not covered by Lake Norman.

10. North Carolina is home to both the first and second highest peaks east of the Mississippi, Mount Mitchell being the first and Mount ____ being the second.


This state moniker dates back to 1710 when the Carolina colony was divided into two states.


  1. Palmer Marsh House
  2. Historic Halifax
  3. Gertrude Dills McKee
  4. Philip Alston
  5. Pee Dee
  6. Frederick Augustus Olds
  7. Luna
  8. Nathaniel Macon
  9. Cowans Ford
  10. Craig

Bonus Answer: The Old North State



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